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The PK ROY EXPORTERS Company started its business as coconut suppliers and ready to supply few more product. VISSION to provide the product to all over the world. The Company has more acres of coconuts thope [3500 coconut trees] in pollachi in Tamilnadu and around more acres of coconut thope exist in Kerala. Hence we are ready to exporting coconuts regularly to various parts of world throughout the year. Our exporters dealing with coconut products (Husked). The Company can supply fresh coconuts of Indian origin particularly from Tamilnadu and Kerala for any demanded products quantity at a competitive rate regularly. The Company have all grades of coconuts in all maturities, we can supply to various parts of India as well as abroad. The Company can supply coconuts as per customer requirements. The Company have also high quality export coconuts of circumference 12 inches and above. We invite the foreign buyers from all over the world. We provide different sizes of coconuts. The Semi Husked Coconuts are supremely utilized to add distinct fragrance and flavor to the sweets, savouries and cuisines. These coconuts are directly plucked from the area Pollachi and kerala. Husked and Semi- Husked coconuts are ready to supply according to the buyers facility. Our coconuts are highly enriched water contains natural minerals, and the organic coconuts added more medical values.
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